“The Son of God and the New Creation”

I want to thank Crossway for sending me a copy of this book for review. This book is the first in what is quickly becoming once of my favorite theology series there is, Short Studies in Biblical Theology (also included in this series are Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel, and Work and Our Labor in the Lord).

Goldsworthy has done a marvelous job taking the theme of “Son of God” and writing it done in a way that makes it accessible. As this is the first book in this series, the author begins with a helpful chapter explaining his method in writing this book which results in an excellent introduction to biblical theology which, I imagine, most lay readers would be unfamiliar with.

Chapter two begins with his goal for this book. Namely, “to understand the meaning and significance of the title given to Jesus as the Son of God” (pg. 31). This being the goal, this second chapter begins by exploring the way in which the New Testament uses the title “Son of God.” His conclusion is two-fold. First, we learn that Jesus was truly human as he was the “son” of a woman. But, second, we learn that he is truly God as he was the “son” of God (pg. 55).

Chapter three takes what we learned in chapter two and jumps into the Old Testament in order to come to a more robust understanding of this title. The author explored the connections with this title and with OT characters such as Adam, Abraham, Israel, and Solomon. Concluding that Jesus is the fulfillment of “roles and summing up themes that tie him to the outworking of all of God’s plans in creation and the history of redemption” (pg. 125).

Chapter four is a practical conclusion which explores how the sonship of Jesus Christ affects what it means that we are God’s adopted children. Goldsworthy summarizes his book simply,

“Jesus as the Son of God is also God the Son, the eternal second person of the Godhead. But our salvation and eternal destiny depend on his being the incarnate one who is revealed as Son of God. Jesus, in his person and work, sums up the pattern of creation that established the nature of the kingdom of God” (pg. 126). 

The Son of God and the New Creation was not a great time commitment and does not get bogged down in unnecessary details. It is an incredibly well-written book that gives the reader a great example of faithful biblical theology. I highly recommend not only this book but all of the books in this series thus far.

Readability: Easy

Quality rating: 5 stars

Recommended Reader: The beginning theologian

Price: $12.68 (Amazon)

Pages: 144

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